About Zaimirai

The underlying hosting operation of Zaimirai was born in 2015 when NODE40 began offering blockchain masternode hosting and monitoring services. Thereafter, NODE40’s founders felt the pain of millions of cryptocurrency users who were struggling to meet tax reporting obligations. So they set out to solve the problem, and in 2016 NODE40 Balance was born.


Wanting to focus on their emerging software business, NODE40 reached out to close technology partners, and soon thereafter, Zaimirai was born. We invite you to check out details of the Zaimirai/NODE40 transaction. We remain a partner of NODE40 and use their Balance software ourselves!

The founders of Zaimirai bring decades of software development, internet & cloud hosting, and finance experience to bear on the future of money. We have a passion for delivering outstanding customer experience, which in this space means simplicity, security, and reliability. In addition to our world class infrastructure service, we are committed to providing white glove customer support.

Our team includes masternode operators, technologists, financiers, and Dash Trust Protector Patrick Quinn. Like you, we are bullish on the future of cryptocurrency. We hope to continue building this new world with you.

To learn more about Zaimirai masternode hosting, check out our services.