Dash Masternode Hosting

Dash Masternodes Offer Great Potential to Earn Passive Income

Dash was the first cryptocurrency to implement the masternode model into its protocol. Dash’s “proof of service algorithm” includes a first tier network of miners with a second tier network of masternodes to achieve distributed consensus on the blockchain. A masternode is a server with a full copy of the blockchain, guaranteeing fast, reliable network performance.

Masternodes enable the network to remain honest & valid while performing critical functions:

  • Increase the privacy of transactions
  • Execute instant transactions
  • Participate in governance and voting
  • Enable budgeting and treasury systems

Dash incentivizes masternode operators by sharing financial rewards. For those who want to generate passive income without the technical hassles, Zaimirai provides exceptional service.

Choose the Premiere Dash Masternode Hosting Service

Zaimirai helps digital asset investors host their masternodes without any hassles. With quick setup and easy management, you’ll be up and running with our simple, secure and reliable masternode hosting service in no time. We keep your masternode up and running and are always available for support.

Zaimirai: Dash Masternode Hosting

Monitor Your Masternode

It’s easy to keep an eye on the health and valuation of your masternodes. The Zaimirai Monitor displays data retrieved directly from the network. And you will always know the value of your block-rewards and total masternode portfolio.

Cast Your Vote

As a masternode owner, you can vote on Dash budget proposals with the click of a button. Dash pioneered funding through its distributed governance model. Zaimirai makes it easy to vote on proposals and influence the direction of your investment in Dash.

Zaimirai: Dash Masternode Hosting
Zaimirai: Dash Masternode Hosting

Track Your Portfolio

With one click, get monthly, quarterly, or annual reports that detail performance of your masternodes. See the valuation of your entire masternode portfolio for quick comparison with other investments.

Integrate Your Accounting

You can easily track your Dash portfolio accounting with our partners at NODE40. Balance is a powerful blockchain accounting service that shows your income, gains, and losses. It will even generate the necessary IRS tax forms for compliance.

Zaimirai: Dash Masternode Hosting

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