How Masternode Hosting Works

Hosting with Zaimirai is Simple…

Use Zaimirai’s masternode wizard to launch your node in real-time. Once you’re online, you can monitor & track the node’s health and value.

Zaimirai: Cryptocurrency + MasterNode Hosting

1. Fund Your Masternode

First & foremost, your Dash never leaves your posession. You send exactly 1,000 Dash to a public key in a wallet that you own, and you maintain 100% control of your funds at all times. Dash can be held in the official Dash Core wallet or a hardware wallet like TREZOR.

2. Launch Your Server

The Zaimirai masternode wizard makes it easy to launch a new masternode. It only takes a few minutes. Simply enter the public key associated with your 1,000 Dash and you’re ready to launch your masternode server.

Zaimirai: Cryptocurrency + MasterNode Hosting
Zaimirai: Cryptocurrency + MasterNode Hosting

3. Remote-Start Your Masternode

Zaimirai supports running masternodes from the Dash Core wallet or hardware wallets like TREZOR. Once your new server is running, you’ll be ready to broadcast a remote-start to the network.

4. Monitor Your Masternode

It’s easy to keep an eye on the health and valuation of your masternodes. The Zaimirai Monitor displays data retrieved directly from the network. And you will always know the value of your block-rewards and total masternode portfolio.

Zaimirai: Cryptocurrency + MasterNode Hosting

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