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POSE_BANNED Masternodes
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Zaimirai: Say NO to POSE_BANNED

Say NO to a POSE_BANNED Dash Masternode

If your masternode fails to provide service to the network, it can receive a Proof of Service Ban. And if your masternode is POSE_BANNED, you may want to consider Zaimirai as your masternode hosting service provider.

Many Dash masternode owners found their masternodes offline because of the mandatory upgrade to Dash V18. Hundreds of masternodes remain out of service. Some masternode owners may lack the technical knowledge to perform the upgrade, some may not even know they’re offline, and others may rely on a service provider who failed to make the adjustments. Still other nodes may have been underpowered — the Dash network seems to need more storage and power than ever.

Zaimirai customers didn’t have to worry.

  • Zaimirai upgraded all servers prior to V18 release
  • Zaimirai tested V18 in production before full release
  • Zaimirai uses cloud automation to deploy masternodes
  • Zaimirai even prepared for production challenges (if V18 had problems)
  • Zaimirai communicated everything before, during and after

Proof of Service (with a Smile) from Zaimirai

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Zaimirai helps digital asset investors host their masternodes without any hassles. With quick setup and easy management, you’ll be up and running with our simple, secure and reliable masternode hosting service in no time. We keep your masternode up and running and are always available for support.

Zaimirai: Say NO to POSE_BANNED

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