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Zaimirai Is the Premiere Turnkey Solution for Dash Masternode Hosting

Zaimirai offers a turnkey masternode hosting service focused on quick setup and easy management. Earn masternode rewards without actively managing your server. Zaimirai handles all the technical aspects for those who want fast, simple, and safe masternodes.

Dash Masternodes Offer Great Potential to Earn Passive Income

Dash was the first cryptocurrency to implement the masternode model into its protocol. Dash’s “proof of service algorithm” includes a first tier network of miners with a second tier network of masternodes to achieve distributed consensus on the blockchain. A masternode is a server with a full copy of the blockchain, guaranteeing fast, reliable network performance.

Dash incentivizes masternode operators by sharing financial rewards. For those who want to generate passive income without the technical hassles, Zaimirai provides exceptional service.

Hosting with Zaimirai is Simple…

Use Zaimirai’s masternode wizard to launch your node in real-time. Once you’re online, you can monitor & track the node’s health and value.


Sign Up with Zaimirai

Create your account here at Zaimirai. Choose your plan (monthly, quarterly, annual billing), enter your basic contact information, select your payment method (credit card or Dash), and verify your email.

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Fund Your Masternode

First & foremost, your Dash never leaves your possession. You send exactly 1,000 Dash to a public key in a wallet that you own, and you maintain 100% control of your funds at all times. Dash can be held in the official Dash Core wallet or a hardware wallet like TREZOR.

Zaimirai: Cryptocurrency + MasterNode Hosting

Launch Your Server

The Zaimirai masternode wizard makes it easy to launch a new masternode. It only takes a few minutes. Simply enter the public key associated with your 1,000 Dash and you’re ready to launch your masternode server.

Zaimirai: Cryptocurrency + MasterNode Hosting

Fast • Simple • Reliable

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