The official Dash website lists sites where you can use Dash. Included are a handful of websites, like and ShopInBit. But a subset shown enable a large number more than you see listed. Zaimirai wholeheartedly believes that Dash is a practical altcoin. We want to underscore how many businesses accept Dash cryptocurrency (whether they know it or not!).

DashDirect (USA)

You may have already heard about DashDirect, which launched a few months ago (July 2021). DashDirect is a payment & instant savings app for Android & iOS. It enables users to spend Dash at over 155,000 U.S. retail locations and 125 online stores. Using DashDirect also delivers average savings of 5% (and up to 12% at certain stores).

DashDirect integrates Dash crypto wallets with CrayPay’s mobile payment technology. The app leverages Craypay’s existing gift card systems, converting Dash to an an exact-amount digital gift card for the merchant. In effect, the app enables broad merchant adoption for crypto payments. Supported merchants include a variety of restaurants, retail stores, travel companies, and entertainment. Companies include American Eagle, Best Buy, Chipotle, Lowe’s, Instacart, Peet’s Coffee, Uber, and thousands more. One major recent announcement was the addition of eBay.

Bitfy (Brazil)

Bitfy is Latin America’s largest non-custodial cryptocurrencies wallet. It allows using crypto to make payments at any merchant, make transfers, pay bills, and 24-hour cash withdrawals. Over a million establishments in Brazil accept Dash (and other coins) via the Bitfy crypto wallet. One simple reason is that Bitfy interfaces with the ubiquitous Cielo point of sale system.

Valiu (Venezuela)

Because of the volatility of its national currency, the Bolivar, many residents of Venezuela buy cryptocurrency with their paychecks. Valiu is a digital remittance platform thatallows consumers to send money via cash, debit or credit. It uses fiat currency from the sender to buy crypto, which it then sells in Venezuela in exchange for fiat that’s deposited into the recipient’s bank account. As a result, more than 2,500 merchants in the country accept payment in Dash.

The Future of Dash Acceptance

In 2021, Dash reached an all-time utilization high in the US, and Dash also did it again when it came to 1.5 million merchants in Brazil. Ryan Taylor recently tweeted “Growth in DashDirect was pretty awesome in October. 43% increase in new user signups. 32% increase in payment volume. 5% increase in number of transactions.” An upcoming upgrade to DashDirect should continue that growth in utilization. In parallel, the continued expansion of software tools & interfaces, industry policy refinement, and overall cryptocurrency acceptance all bode well for Dash. As a well-designed replacement for fiat currency, Dash fills the transactional need better than most cryptocurrencies. Dash processing is fast, fees are low, and anonymity is practical. No doubt more businesses will accept Dash soon!