One potential key to the long-term success of Dash as a blockchain platform is the Dash Investment Foundation (DIF)  Their charter is to expand the Dash network’s user base. DIF, an ownerless, memberless investment fund, invests in projects that create a deeper integration of the Dash network with the cryptocurrency ecosystem. DIF essentially creates a conduit between the DAO and traditional businesses seeking funding from the network. The DIF can hold assets on behalf of the network and channel returns into other growth-oriented projects.

Dash Investment Foundation Structure

The Dash Investment Foundation is relatively new, first formed via the Cayman Islands in 2019 after a proposal by Dash Core Group (DCG). DIF is shaped by masternode Operators (MNOs), who appoint the DIF’s six (unpaid) managers, called “supervisors”. Supervisors serve a one year term and are eligible for reelection each year with no restrictions on the number of years of successive service. Critical organizational and operational decisions land on the supervisors. Daily operations are carried out by DIF’s directors and investment manager.

DIF’s 2022 Board of Supervisors

  • Dr. Darren Tapp
  • Sven Rossbach
  • Michael Lewis — AKA Walter (also a Dash Trust Protector)
  • Ash Francis
  • Rodrigo Ambrissi
  • Glenn Austin (also Dash Core Group CFO)

Dash Investments

DIF receives 100% of its funding from the treasury system directed by Dash’s global Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). That is, the DAO is self-funding and self-governing at the protocol layer. The network can allocate its 10% share to proposals that will grow and add value to the Dash as development, investment, and marketing. DIF is part of that pool. Examples of Dash investments demonstrate the value proposition…


One of the most visible impacts on Dash today came from a 2021 investment in CrayPay. You may have seen the many references to “155,000 merchants” in Dash marketing since, a direct result of CrayPay’s loyalty payment platform that enables users to save when spending with many US vendors, from pizza to outdoor gear. The investment fueled creation of DashDirect, a white-label version of CrayPay for Dash users.


The DIF recently invested in CoinRoutes, who offer algorithmic trading software for traders, agency & OTC desks, and investment managers. CoinRoutes is built for speed, processing terabytes of exchange data every day at blazing fast speeds. The result is lower costs, faster order processing, and reduced slippage.

RUNE Token Purchase (THORChain)

In Q4 2021, DIF invested in RUNE, the native settlement token of the THORChain DEX. THORChain is a decentralized exchange protocol that enables trustless and KYC-free swaps between Dash and any supported blockchain. The end goal is to bind all cryptocurrencies together with an accessible, secure, and lightning-fast bridging protocol.


In Q1 2021, DIF invested in a seed funding round for Quadency, a cryptocurrency trading platform. Quadency produces sautomated trading tools with algorithms to support various trading strategies. They are also a partner in the Dash FastPass Network, which supports seamless arbitrage and rapid rebalancing.


Late in 2021, Dash Investment Foundation announced its investment in Bitfy, Latin America’s first multi-purpose, non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet. The relationship enables Dash acceptance at 1.5 million establishments in Brazil.

Dash Investment Foundation Success

The strategy of the DIF can lead Dash further into the mainstream conversation of cryptocurrencies. Especially with Dash Platform coming, a strong Web3 play, adding around the edges of Dash only fortifies it. As we’ve seen with investments like Craypay, adoption success stories unfold quickly with the right investment. As we watch all investment markets in turmoil (at the moment), we can feel at ease that the utility of Dash will only strengthen over time, making Dash itself both a functional cryptocurrency but its own wise investment.