Dash strives for innovation in its development. Over the past seven years, Dash has implemented many noteworthy features focused on speed, privacy and usability. For 2022, the Dash team has outlined its product roadmap, revealing several exciting changes to broaden Dash’s market acceptance as a useful blockchain technology and its continued support within the Dash community. We outline the Dash roadmap for 2022 to explain what you can expect.

What Is Dash Core

Dash is a digital currency that enables instant, private payments anywhere in the world. Dash uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority. Dash Core is the name of the open source software that enables the use of Dash. Core is the basic coin function.

What Is Dash Platform

Dash Platform, formerly known as “Evolution”, is a technology stack for building decentralized applications on the Dash network. Drive and DAPI, the two main architectural components, turn the Dash P2P network into a cloud that developers can integrate with their applications. Dash Platform enables accessing network resources and trustlessly storing app data with Dash’s decentralized API. Platform is the means of building on top of Dash Core to make new apps.

Dash Platform v0.22 [Testnet]

The development team is integrating a new type of database called GroveDB into Dash Platform. It uses an efficient index methodology — HADS (hierarchal authenticated data structures) — to enable efficient decentralized blockchain queries on thin clients (e.g., phones) without using third party servers.

In addition, the team is adding the ability to update data contracts without data loss or the need to create new contracts. Other smart contract networks cannot do this. Dash will also add masternode identities where MNOs can earn rewards for participating in platform consensus. Identities in Dash Platform also provide an easier way for users to interact and identify one another. There will be identity key purposes and security levels added that can support future Dash Platform features.

Dash Core v0.18

To improve the distribution of load across masternodes and expand the security of InstantSend, Dash Core will enhance quorum rotation. Many members of the Dash community will be excited about the reduction of the proposal fee from 5 DASH to 1 DASH. And another update enables Dash Core Wallet users easier access to governance proposal details. A new locking identity system allows InstantSend transactions to be verified easier.

Dash Platform v0.23 [Testnet]

Dash Platform will add an incentivized fee model to reward masternode owners. The fee structure will prevent spam on the network and ensure a better experience for DashPay wallet. Masternode owners will also receive credits for participating in Platform consensus services, with platform credits exchangeable for Dash. Masternodes will have an easy way to withdraw their Platform rewards. And finally, a trusted third party will audit security.

Dash Core v0.19

Dash core will update security and Bitcoin Core. Also, masternode owners will be able to convert L2 credits to Dash rewards.

Dash Platform v1.0

YES! Dash Platform is planed to move to production in 2022.

The Dash Roadmap for 2022

It’s an exciting time to be involved with blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms. Dash has always been a pioneer, and developments with Core and Platform in 2022 should continue blazing new trails. Dash’s agility in transaction processing will continue to drive the platform further and faster… The takeaway for the current roadmap is that Dash Core will have new functionality added to support more functions later, and Dash Platform will open up new horizons in production. So a better base with a new way to extend it paints a fantastic scene for using and building on Dash.