On August 15, 2022, Dash Core Group announced the release of version 18.0.1, a major release for Dash. Long awaited, Dash V18 is a mandatory upgrade for all masternodes, miners, and users. Version 18.0.1 helps stabilize & optimize Dash network performance, improves the Dash wallet user interface, and catches up numerous Bitcoin backports. V18 is a mandatory update because of updates to long living masternode quorums system, changes to the governance system, deterministic InstantSend, and groundwork for an enhanced hard fork activation mechanism.

Zaimirai facilitated testing of V18 on mainnet with select nodes. Our cloud automation tools are ready for general rollout to all hosted masternodes.

Dash V18 Highlights

  • Reduces the Dash proposal fee from 5 Dash to 1 Dash.
  • Includes a Governance tab to the Dash wallet interface for viewing proposal details.
  • Enables activating hard forks quickly & safely if miners and masternodes update at significantly different speeds. An on-chain masternode signal ensures smooth transitions.
  • Updates quorums to improve security and performance.
  • Adds deterministically verifying InstantSend locks to support Dash Platform. V18 introduces InstantSend message versioning and adds quorum information to messages.
  • Introduces over 1,000 updates from Bitcoin v0.18/v0.19/v0.20, plus numerous updates from more recent versions of Bitcoin.

Zaimirai’s V18 Rollout

Dash V18 rollout is complete as of August 31, 2022. Zaimirai updated all masternode hosting customers. No action is required by masternode owners. Please contact our Help Desk if you have questions or concerns.