DashCore v19 is be a mandatory upgrade release for all Dash masternodes. It includes features for Dash Platform like the BLS scheme migration and high-performance masternodes, as well as wallet improvements and Bitcoin backports.


BLS is a signature scheme, initially proposed by Dan Boneh, Ben Lynn and Hovav Shacham (BLS), that allows verifying the authenticity of messages. For any given public key and message combination, there can only be one valid signature. In V19, DashCore’s BLS scheme has been updated to align with standards and improve security. With V19 release, BLS public keys and signatures in network messages and special transactions will be serialized using the new scheme.

High-Performance Masternodes (HPMNs)

A new type of masternode has been added in Dash Platform. High-performance masternodes (HPMNs) will support Dash Platform services and some existing features like ChainLocks and InstantSend. V19 enables registration of these new masternodes. Until official launch of Dash Platform, HPMNs will provide the same services as regular masternodes. Note, HPMNs require 4000 DASH collateral. Masternodes receive one payout and one governance vote per 1000 DASH collateral.


Dash Core will no longer create new wallets on startup automatically. New wallets can be created through the GUI, through the `dash-wallet create` command, or the `createwallet` RPC.


CoinJoin changes make it easier for SPV clients to participate in the CoinJoin process.

Bitcoin Backports

V19 includes hundreds of backport items from Bitcoin v0.19-v0.21, v22.0, and v23.0.

Get Ready for Dash Platform with DashCore v19

DashCore v19 is a mandatory upgrade for all Dash masternodes that introduces several important Dash Platform features. v19 enhances security, introduces high-performance masternodes, improves the wallet creation process, enhances privacy with CoinJoin, and incorporates updates from Bitcoin. Zaimirai hosting customers will automatically be upgraded when stable versions are available for mainnet.