Just five months after its launch, the Dash blockchain improved efficiency with its introduction of masternodes. At the time, masternodes were revolutionary, reducing transaction time and keeping the Dash network performing safely, healthy, privately, and efficiently. Reducing the number of nodes required to approve a transaction to a manageable number addresses cryptocurrency transaction scalability. In 2018, Dash had over 5,000 masternodes. Today there are over 4,500. If you’re wondering why anyone would do it, we’ve listed the joys of being a Dash masternode owner.

Earning Block Rewards

If you’re money-motivated (who isn’t?), you can earn block rewards. Dash masternodes verify the authenticity of funds for a particular transaction, secure user data, and facilitate instant & private transactions. As a reward for providing such useful services, Dash masternode owners (MNOs) earn payouts. At present, the payout is about 6% per year.

Hedging Your Investment

If you want to offset potential losses while HODLing, your monthly Dash payout can be considered an investment hedge. As the price of Dash ebbs & flows, Dash rewards continue. As long as your masternode meets performance & availability requirements, it earns.

Voting & Governance

If you want to help guide Dash’s future, being a Dash masternode owner is your ticket to voting & governance. Dash employs Decentralized Governance by Blockchain (DGBB) to manage its governance and funding. With no central authority over Dash, decisions about the system are made by the masternode owners. Dash uses 10% of the block reward to fund its treasury. For a nominal fee, anyone can submit a proposal to the Dash network. Each masternode can cast one vote for each proposal. Each proposal includes a budget, and those proceeds are taken from the Dash treasury.

Supporting Dash

If you believe in Dash and want to participate in its continued excellence as a transactional blockchain solution, being a masternode owner supports the  ecosystem. Having a network with reliable, high-performance masternodes ensures that Dash will deliver fast, secure, private transaction processing. As we noted before, Dash is better than Bitcoin, especially for merchants & customers. A key reason for that is masternodes. You can set up your own masternode (if you have technical acumen), pay for a hosting service like ours at Zaimirai, or join a masternode pooling service (if you don’t have the 1,000 Dash stake). You’ll support Dash in any of these methods.

The Joy of Being a Dash Masternode Owner

We’re firm believers in the future of blockchain. We’ve ridden the ups and downs of Dash over the years, and we see its long-term potential. Masternodes are a key element in why Dash has earned its place and why it will continue to be the best payment platform for cryptocurrency. We regularly process Dash payments right alongside traditional credit card payments, demonstrating its practicality and showcasing its low fees in comparison. For those who share our enthusiasm, you’ll also enjoy being a Dash masternode owner…