You may have seen the headline that Dash Core Group has a new interim CEO, who is also one of the principals of Zaimirai, Patrick Quinn. Since we know Patrick as well as anyone, having worked with him for over 20 years, we’re confident in his ability to contribute to the direction of Dash in the near future.

Technology Expertise

Patrick is the Co-Founder and CEO of Webapper Services LLC. He brings over two decades of software development experience across a wide range of industries and technology platforms. Webapper focuses on blockchain and cloud solutions, including custom SaaS application development, managed cloud hosting, and business consulting services. With his combination of technical and business skills, he’ll bring a strong technology-driven perspective to Dash Core Group. Executing on  the roadmap for Dash is paramount.

Dash Experience

As a principal of Zaimirai, which he co-founded in 2021, Patrick is intimately familiar with the Dash ecosystem and community.  Zaimirai provides automated managed cloud hosting services for Dash masternodes. These services require managing day-to-day operations of masternodes, as well as orchestrating updates of servers as Dash evolves. Since masternodes are a key differentiator of Dash as a blockchain platform, it’s extremely beneficial to understand them from the ground up. Patrick initially invested in a masternode in 2015. In 2021, Patrick was elected to be a Dash Trust Protector (DTP), and in 2022, he was re-elected. Knowing Dash this well is a compelling attribute for an incoming Dash CEO.


The selection process for this interim CEO role required building consensus. The DTPs were part of the equation, but more important to the immediate need, Dash Core Group needed to believe in the choice. Patrick’s leadership skills came to the forefront throughout the process. Although the role is interim, it requires hitting the ground running and making an immediate impact.