Don’t Call It a Comeback

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects spent most of 2022 in a downward spiral, driven down by financial losses, scandals, and negative publicity. When we wrote about the crypto winter previously, we hadn't even felt the full impact of the FTX story. From the lofty $3 trillion market cap peak value in 2021, we have endured a steady stream of scandals and disappointments in the blockchain space. With an improvement to prices in January, the blockchain market seems to be stabilizing in 2023. Don't call it a comeback though - this a cryptocurrency reset...

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The Road Ahead in 2023

As a service provider to the Dash network, we are heavily invested in blockchain and cryptocurrency. But we're thankful that 2022 is in the rear-view mirror. We wrote about crypto winter just days before news of FTX's collapse unfolded. Dash had significant challenges itself, seeing the departure of Ryan Taylor and the delays of Dash Platform. As part of our survey, we have collected a list of useful, informative articles to share with our colleagues. We hope you find them enlightening as we look at the road ahead in 2023.

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