As a service provider to the Dash network, we are heavily invested in blockchain and cryptocurrency. But we’re thankful that 2022 is in the rear-view mirror. We wrote about crypto winter just days before news of FTX’s collapse unfolded. Dash had significant challenges itself, seeing the departure of Ryan Taylor and the delays of Dash Platform. As part of our survey, we have collected a list of useful, informative articles to share with our colleagues. We hope you find them enlightening as we look at the road ahead in 2023.


If you’re like us, you may have read dozens of stories about SBF and FTX. Here we share the ones with the best reporting.

FTX Crash: Timeline, Fallout and What Investors Should Know (Nerdwallet)

Remember Why We Are Here (Anthony Pompliano)


A frequent topic among Dash and other cryptocurrency projects is how regulation can work and how it will impact the industry.

Crypto markets need regulation to avoid more washouts like FTX (Brian Armstrong, Coinbase)

Pressure is mounting on the SEC to step up enforcement of crypto exchanges after the collapse of FTX (WSJ)


Things may get worse before they get better, but here are some ideas about the reset ahead…

A few of the things we’re excited about in crypto (A16Z)

MasterCard director sees FTX collapse as chance for the crypto market to reset (TechCrunch)


We can’t predict what’s ahead, but we can learn lessons from historical mistakes, make plans to build our products and our community, and be hopeful of where blockchain and cryptocurrency projects are going. Zaimirai remains bullish in our investment in and commitment to this market. Happy New Year, and let’s go!