FT. COLLINS, CO, September 2, 2021 – Zaimirai LLC, a startup blockchain services provider, announced the acquisition of the Dash Masternode Hosting Division of NODE40. The deal enables Zaimirai to build out its blockchain hosting services using the market-tested platform created by NODE40. It also enables NODE40 to focus on their Balance blockchain accounting solution.

With this acquisition, Zaimirai becomes one of the leading server-hosting providers for the Dash network, supporting incentivized nodes that yield monthly rewards.

“We started Zaimirai to provide a range of useful services to the blockchain marketplace,” notes Zaimirai co-founder Patrick Quinn. “I’ve worked with the team at NODE40 for many years, and I’ve also been a customer using their software and hosting service. The blockchain industry is young and evolving rapidly. We’re excited to add this outstanding hosting service to our portfolio. We’ll be able to react quickly to market developments and capture new opportunities.”

NODE40 also sees the potential for Zaimirai. “We are thrilled that Zaimirai will be taking over for our customers,” says NODE40 CEO Perry Woodlin. “When we decided to focus on our Balance product, the first call we made was to our colleagues at Zaimirai. They share our passion for blockchain, bring deep technical expertise, and will remain committed to our users. We’ll serve as advisors and remain hosting customers too.”

About Zaimirai

Zaimirai LLC is a privately held company that provides technology and digital services to the blockchain industry. Zaimirai delivers high-performance infrastructure solutions to customers around the world.

About NODE40

NODE40 is a financial services provider for individuals and businesses that have interacted with cryptocurrency. Their flagship product, Balance, is an enterprise-grade data analysis platform that applies financial context to cryptocurrency transactions for tax and accounting needs. NODE40 Balance integrates directly with major cryptocurrency exchanges and self-custody wallets. The platform’s transparency and accuracy is critical to meeting the compliance needs of entities involved with cryptocurrency.

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